The Project Management module presented us (the participants) with awareness of funds proposals and the effective way of presenting proposals. Also, in addition to this, is awareness of the objective of the fundings which is the Proclamation of the Gospel of Christ. From this awareness of availability of funds for the Mission, we became aware of the challenge of how to manage any available fund. Managing of funds cannot be done in isolation. As we aware, funds is part of resources for the Mission. However, we recognize that the predominant aspect of resources for the Mission is personnel. Therefore, there is need to know and learn how to manage personnel for the purpose of effective achievement of the goal of the mission. It is line with this pressing need for knowledge and process of management of our resources that we saw the need to address the concept of leadership. For without effective leadership, our organization structures shall be burdened with more of challenges than achievements. To help us in this process leadership journeying, Rev. Fr. Kizito was invited.


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